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Regarding the events in a lecture hall at Heidelberg University on January 24, 2022

For up-to-date information please see the website of Heidelberg University:

*New* Temporary closing notice

The Heidelberg University Office, Kyoto (HUOK) will temporary close for visitors from Thursday, January 27 (Thursday) to February 20, as long as the quasi-state of emergency in Kyoto Prefecture is in place. For inquiries, please contact us via phone (075-753-5413) or email ( We are also available for counseling via video-chat (e.g. via ZOOM). Kindly contact us via email to make an appointment. (/br)In the meantime, please take care and stay healthy!

Heidelberg University's Rector to be honored

The Rector of Heidelberg University, Prof. Dr Dr h.c. Bernhard Eitel, will rbe awarded an important Order from Japan for his outstanding contribution to promoting German-Japanese exchange at the scientific and academic level and thereby to strengthening relations between Germany and Japan. For more information, please see the respective press release here.

Information Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

For information about Heidelberg University’s recommendations for action and behavior, as well as for links to further information please see here.

Concerning the situation in Japan, as well as possible travel restrictions, please also see the website of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs here (external website), the website of the Japanese embassy in your country or the respective representation in Japan.

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Heidelberg University Office Kyoto

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The liaison office

The Heidelberg University Office, Kyoto (HUOK), represents Heidelberg University in Japan and East Asia. It is conveniently located on the ground floor of Yoshida International House on Yoshida South
Campus of Kyoto University, amongst classrooms, offices and a dormitory for Kyoto University’s international students and guest researchers. This location forms an ideal environment to get in touch with students and researchers the like.


Bernhard EitelMessage from the President

Beginning with 1990, Heidelberg and Kyoto University have been fostering mutual student exchange, inter­disciplinary research across national boundaries, and fruitful cooperation in various fields of study. [More...]


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